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    I Want To Be Like Jesus

    This song was a special request to Heavenly Father to help me write a children’s song that would create a brain worm to last the entire week after Primary. I haven’t tried it on Primary children, but it definitely created a brain worm in my own head.

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    Hosannah to The Risen Lord!

    Hosannah to the Risen Lord! As I was studying the New Testament and Come Follow Me during the Easter Season, I became quite intrigued at things I had possibly skimmed over  in my previous study of this section of the New Testament.  I found myself pondering Mary at the tomb and the sorrow she might have been feeling. Although I felt I knew this scene in the history of Jesus, I did not remember the women who accompanied Mary to the tomb. That became the seedbed of this song. Like most of my music, it started out as a solo, but I could not ignore the fact I heard other…

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    I Believe in Miracles

    This song was born after a heart-felt plea to Heavenly Father to write a children’s song that taught a principle and could create a brain worm with that idea. It didn’t come instantly, but this was the end result. This is the version that I used in the Sacred Sheet Music competition in the Fall of 2022. There were some valid suggestions I made after this competition, and I changed a few things for the Church Music Submissions. We’ll see how that works out. It will be submitted with the changes since no part of the application requires an audio.

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    Reflection II

    This started out so simple. By the time I finished it, I was quite pleased. I almost chose to change the name because when I reflect, there isn’t as much action. But I stuck with the name. If it gets a little busy for your hands to keep up, drop some notes. It’s easily done. If the octaves are an issue, I apologize. It sounds best using full octaves.

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    He Lives

    This song came one night as I was “playing with” I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I wanted to arrange my own version of it, but this is what happened instead. It’s simple, but it is my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ. LYRICS He lives! I know my Savior lives! Oh, the peace and joy this sentence gives. He lives to guide me with His love, As He advocates for me above. I know He hears and answers prayer. This is truth: I know of His kind care. He lives to grant me rich supply As He cares for me beneath his watchful eye. I know His love can…

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    Dancing On the Water

    A week of quarantine because of a positive Covid test turned out to be a lot of fun for me. I had recorded this little piece to “return to later”, a few months ago. It was nothing more than a theme, but I labeled it “fun to play”. I don’t think I would change that opinion now that it is finished. It’s really fun to play! I can see the drops of water bouncing off a smooth body of water at the beginning. It’s not a ferocious rain; just gentle. Then it picks up the pace only to run down at the end of the piece. I had a little…

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    She Prays

    We had been asked to pray for rain and civility in the world. This request must have been weighing heavily on my mind during my sleep one night. When I awoke, this song was running through my head and waiting to be committed to paper. I love it when that happens because I know there is only one reason for it: The Lord is giving me a gift! A special thanks to Angela Dugdale for recording this for me.

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    Quarantine Haunt 2020

    I’m not going to lie. Being in somewhat of a lockdown for Covid-19 in 2020 was a weird experience for all of us. I wasn’t fearful or sad other than my tiny mother was so isolated from me, her caregiver, and being able to freely leave her room. I was having the “time out” I have dreamed of all my adult life. I had plenty to keep me busy. This song is another melody that would not quit rattling in my head until I committed it to paper. It’s fun to play and almost has a jazzy feel to it. I play it that way, anyway.

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    Mother’s Legacy

    A tribute to a woman who was true to her faith from the minute she heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She never wavered. Her life wasn’t as easy as she’d have liked it to be, but she was a shining example to all of us of overcoming struggles that are true “thorns in the side”.  It was a testimony to me to watch her the last five years of her life and see just how drawn she was to helping others see the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly she had a friend in Jesus.

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    Follow Him

    We were blessed that Covid-19 in 2021, did not come rock our world much. Clyde had it before it became a household word. My life was pretty packed prior to shut down. When it hit, I had time to pursue music that came; when it came. This is one of those songs. I don’t remember the seed that sprouted this song.

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    I Hear Him

    This is the original version. Realizing it might not be the easiest for most people to sing, I rewrote it. This is for those who like to sing below Middle C. This song just came in the night. It went through a few iterations before settling on the final version. Pres. Russell M. Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has challenged us to know how we hear Him. I can’t claim that this song is a comprehensive list, but it is a personal list of ways I’ve heard Him. Thanks to Angela Dugdale for recording this one. She has the voice of a songbird. Lyrics I…

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    Beautiful Zion – Piano Solo

    This arrangement of a Restoration Hymn was part of a project I have been privileged to work on with my brother-in-law, John Lloyd. We both hope something comes of it someday. You will note there is also an arrangement with strings on this site. I couldn’t leave it alone, and rewrote it for piano. I’m a pianist first. Although I love strings, I don’t necessarily hear them when I’m writing music.

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    Beautiful Zion

    This arrangement of a Restoration Hymn was part of a project I have been privileged to work on with my brother-in-law, John Lloyd. We both hope something comes of it someday. He is working on a video and wanted piano music. This piece actually went a step further. We will see what becomes of it. For now, I thank John for the blessing of being asked to “play in the hymns” and Cathy Lamoureux for marking the strings. I have to admit I was out of my comfort zone on this one.

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    Restoration Medley

    I know this is long and probably of interest to nobody but myself. I was given the opportunity to help with a video. The request was for restoration hymns to be the background. I said it would come quickly or not at all. For about two weeks I felt like I was being hit with a fire hose of ideas. I LOVED this project! We don’t know where it will lead, but I had a great time creating it. Each hymn can be extracted to be played alone, or any three in succession with little adaptation.

  • Hymn Arrangement,  Sacred,  SATB

    Our Savior’s Love

    The music for this arrangement was rearranged from a number I wrote for the Alpine Stake play, “Children of The Dream”, which was inspired by Marvin Payne. After twenty plus years, I revisited the song and discovered it would work with the lyrics to the hymn, “Our Savior’s Love”. With some modification, this arrangement of a favorite hymn was born. Our ward choir sang it in October 2017, and it was so beautiful. COVID has brought new inspiration and it now has a C-instrument duet. I’ve recorded it with flute and oboe, although strings work beautifully as well. You use what you have access to.

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    Be Still My Soul

    June 2020, and we are three months into Covid-19. The music for this song had haunted me for weeks. At first, I felt like it was a song about the heart, but words would not come. One morning I awoke to the melody going through my head. This was not new. However, the words came as well and they were very familiar. I instantly went to my Hymnal and found that they worked very well with all of the music I had already written. This is the result of that experience.

  • Piano Solos


    Is there anyone who was not somehow changed from Covid? It did not come knocking at our door, but I was definitely behind that door doing things I’d struggled to find time to do before Covid. This melody haunted me for a few days and I finally got it to paper. What else could it be called? “Isolation” seemed to be very fitting.

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    Words Won’t Come

    By the time this song was finished, I knew the Lord wanted me to write it. I thought I knew what I was writing, but it actually turned out to be the road from “lost” to being “found” – really, a conversion experience. Thanks to Angela Dugdale for helping me with the vocal. LYRICSWords won’t come. My heart is breaking.Can’t hold back the tears. I’m aching.Dreams are shattered. Nothing matters.Hope seems distant; nonexistent.Tortured with the thoughts within.Bless me with the will to winthe battles raging deep within my soul.Then I remember lessons long ago.Christ is there for ev’ry soul who calls Him.Reaching out I take His hand.He’s there for me.…

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    I Stand All Amazed

    I was given the blessing of accompanying the son of a dear friend’s funeral. They requested organ accompany for this song, and I was unable to find an arrangement that fit our needs. This was the end result of my search. Matt Gifford is the voice you’re hearing. He was out of his comfort zone, but he did a beautiful job.

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    Behold the Great Redeemer Die – SATB

    I enjoyed a run of close to five years as Ward Choir Director. It was a great opportunity for me to grow. Sometimes I wanted a song the choir could perform that wasn’t written. This one was a result of one of those times. It was used in an Easter program. Our ward choir is filled with talented people. It was a thrill to work with them during that time. Won’t we all be glad when Covid will let us sing praises again?

  • Hymn Arrangement,  Sacred,  SATB

    Where Can I Turn for Peace?

    Leave me alone with a Hymnal for very long and I’ll find a way to play with a hymn.  Our choir enjoyed singing this after they adapted to the synchronization.  When this hymn first hit the streets, I always heard the close harmony and syncopation in my mind. It was a delight to have our choir sing this.

  • Hymn Arrangement,  Sacred,  SATB

    Prayer of Thanksgiving

    Being the director of our ward choir was so fun for me. This arrangement almost started out jokingly. We were nearing November, and I was thinking hard about the outcome of our presidential election. Either way, it was going to be a tough pill to swallow for me. (This is not a political statement.) At any rate, I was playing around with this piece and this is what resulted. The choir got the “tongue-in-cheek” connection when I handed it to them. It turned out to be a really nice change to a traditional Thanksgiving hymn.

  • Hymn Arrangement,  Sacred,  SATB

    Jesus, The Very Thought of Thee

    This arrangement was for an Easter program in 2016. It’s preservation is miraculous. Thank goodness for backup discs. Ugh! As I got it ready for this Website, I realized again that I was working with a spectacular group of people as we performed. They just did it. It’s simple enough, but I see things that might have been different. Suffice it to say, it’s safe now. I can’t guarantee I didn’t get inspiration on the narration from someone else’s effort. I apologize I don’t have the name of that person or even where it came from. I don’t have that original narration either, but my experience has been that what…

  • Hymn Arrangement,  Sacred,  SATB

    Secret Prayer

    I’ve said it enough times, but I believe my biggest high was writing music for our ward choir for the better part of five years. This one was a quick learn and fun for us to perform. The accompanist has the most fun on this one.

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    Stay By the Tree

    After Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy gave his General Conference talk in April 2015, I could not rest until I committed his comments to music.  To me, it came out of his mouth musically.  This is the result.

  • Children's Songs,  Mother's Day

    My Mother Wears a Hat

    I’ve wanted to write a Mother’s Day song for years. This would be fun for Primary children to perform on Mother’s Day. If you’re uncomfortable with “potty trainer” in church, it is easily changed to “entertainer”. We all know moms are potty trainers though. Moms tend to do it all and sometimes with one hand tied behind their back. This has been my experience as I watched my own mother, was a mother myself and watched in amazement at my own daughters in the thick of mothering. Of all the things they do, it is for naught if a child is not drawn to her mother while she’s busy doing.

  • Christmas,  Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    A Tiny Baby Lay

    This song was several years in the making. Some of the words and markings sat in my scriptures from year to year, calling to me each Christmas. This year (2014) I made the goal to give it to my Savior as a Christmas present. It came quickly. What took time was getting the courage to record it. I hope you like it.

  • Christmas,  Hymn Arrangement,  Organ,  Sacred,  SATB

    I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

    Song background: One of the more exciting pieces I wrote for our choir.  I had heard the voice of one of our Young Men in a stake program and was blown away.  I wanted him to sing with our choir, but he wasn’t all that interested.  I wrote this arrangement with him in mind.  He did amazing.   What is the back story on the arrangement? I’ve always liked the message of this song, but feel the original arrangement is too long. As I was drying my hair one morning, the melody came to me and it fit! Of course, piano accompaniment is just as nice as organ.

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    I Feel His Love

    This song literally came “line upon line”.  I had the music long before most of the lyrics, but the title always stayed the same.  It was finally the spring of 2014 when I decided it was time to commit it to paper – thanks to my daughter-in-law’s encouragement.  Thanks, Chelsae! I’ve been blessed to see the Lord’s hand in my life.  Has it always been what I asked for?  Not hardly!  But I’ve always been able to see His responses to my prayers were what were best for me and much surpassed my wildest imaginations on what would make me happy.  This song only scratches the surface of my feelings,…

  • Piano Solos


    I have always felt like my 50’s were my prime. I had a new road bike and I loved riding west in the miles and miles of fields that have since become multi-family housing. This song was written sometime after such a ride and I was feeling so invigorated. I think the song reflects that feeling.

  • Connie's Corner,  Piano Solos

    One Moment in Time

    It was 2010 and there were still exciting times in our lives, i.e. grandbabies and marriages. When you have a “moment” it is etched indelibly on your mind and you know you’ll never forget it. This song was a result of a “moment” in my time. I took that moment to my piano. It came quite easily.

  • Hymn Arrangement,  Sacred,  SATB

    Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide – SATB

    Another favorite hymn of mine. If I haven’t said it before, the Hymnal is my “playground”. This SATB arrangement came from the piano solo that I wrote in 2010. Our ward choir performed this several years later and it was beautiful. Finale generates the sound, and unfortunately blows through my fermatas. It’s still better than nothing. 

  • Piano Solos


    This song evolved as our grandchildren started coming. They somehow seemed to love dancing while I played the piano. In order to actually play, I had to keep their little hands off the piano keyboard. This song usually would accomplish that task. They could be entertained dancing to this melody for a very long time. Fun times; fun memories!

  • Piano Solos

    Happy Song in 6/8 Time

    If I was still teaching piano, this would be a fun one to give to an intermediate piano student. There isn’t much to say about it other than it was another melody that begged to be written. The year 2009 was a very good year for me, and the joy I experienced was manifest in my musical creations.

  • Piano Solos

    Better Part of Me

    For years I have wanted to write a love song that expressed how I feel about my eternal companion who has always been like a knight in shining armor to me. He rescues me on a daily basis and is the most patient, compassionate and friendly person I’ve ever known. Yet, this masterpiece of a song I dream of writing eludes me. I found this “gem” sitting in my files. Apparently, I tried my hand at a love song in 2009. It’s been sitting on my computer all this time. I still hear the words repeated “Better Part of Me” throughout the song. Clyde really is the better part of…

  • Piano Solos

    Beautiful Summer Day

    This had the beginnings of being named “Bless Me with Faith Not to Fear”. Because lyrics just wouldn’t come, it became a Beautiful Summer Day. I’ve mentioned it before, but the hills where I walk bring me inspiration nearly every time I’m alone in them. Not all ideas are good, but this one stuck. Fast forward to 2021 and I received an amazing email from someone I didn’t know. He found this in my Website before it disappeared, so it’s been around a while. He played it in his congregation last week, complete with a video presentation of beautiful summer day images. He definitely made my summer day that day!

  • Piano Solos


    I loved riding my road bike. When our youngest left on his mission, I was free to pursue this love. I also happened to be enrolled in college music classes, so music was a big deal at the time. My desire was to be able to ride with my husband on some of his epic rides. One of those was climbing over the top of American Fork Canyon and down Provo Canyon. I can’t say I actually rode “with” Clyde, but we were on the same ride. He was a much stronger climber and would wait for me at the top before heading down the other side. I had time…

  • Miscellaneous,  Vocal Solos


    This song was collaboration with someone I’ve never met – Steve Garner. Jill Jasperson was our common friend and gave me several poems he had written, with his permission to put them to music, if I felt so inclined. This was a really fun one. I wrote the second verse and it is something I know is probably a sore spot to some. However, I do believe our thoughts can lift us up; they can bring us down.

  • Original Hymn,  Sacred

    In Thy Holy Name

    This hymn was a work in progress.  Lyrics sat in my scriptures with musical scribbles for several years.  One day I decided to write it out and see if it really evolved into a hymn as I heard it in my head.  The first and third verses came easily.  This in itself was quite an accomplishment for me.  I studied the second verse for what seemed forever sitting at my piano.  Then my eyes looked up at the picture on my wall of the Savior holding a lamb.  It was an inspired and instant fit, and the song was complete.

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    Take it to the Grove

    This song was written after visiting with a dear friend who was struggling with answers to questions that just can’t be answered by man.  One day while visiting, she said her counselor told her to “take it to the grove”.  Of course, as Latter-day Saints, we all know what that means.  When she told me this is what he had said, I instantly thought to myself, “That sounds like the title to a song.”  Sometime later, I read the book “The Secret”.  I decided I would apply its theory one day.  When my husband left for work, he asked me what my plan was for the day.  I told him…

  • Original Hymn,  Sacred,  SATB

    As We Bow Our Heads – Hymn

    I was blessed to attend a couple of college courses after our children “launched”. It was an exciting time for me, but life got busy again and it was short lived. This “hymn” is the result of an assignment in one of my music classes. Oh, how I loved that class! The assignment was to write a 4-part song using the “rules” we had been taught during the semester. I initially wrote it with the first verse. The instructor asked me where the lyrics came from. They are my own. When I walked away with my “A”, I added the other two verses. For curious minds who want to know:…

  • Organ

    Precious Savior

    The closing hymn in sacrament meeting was “Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer”. During the closing prayer, my mind couldn’t leave the hymn alone. I saw notes and took a giant leap for me and played it for postlude. It worked, and this is the result of that experience – one of my favorite postludes to play. I submitted this song to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints music submissions and it was chosen as one of their favorites. They had me at “chosen”. I was stunned when a check came in the mail. Who knew? Not me!

  • Children's Songs,  Connie's Corner,  Father's Day,  Vocal Solos

    My Father

    My Mother wrote the lyrics for this song and gave them to me. Even though the copyright says 2001, I believe it was much earlier than then. We did a lot of collaborating back in the early days of my music compositions. She was my biggest fan. My Dad was all of the things this song says. He was awesome. He could make and fix anything.

  • Connie's Corner,  Miscellaneous

    Grandma, Grandpa

    When my parents, Verle and Joan Waldron, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, it was a party!  We celebrated in style. Nothing made Mom happier than having her kids perform music. That’s what happened that day—Lots of music! Lyrics: The mem’ries that I have of Grandma and Grandpa, are treasures that your money cannot buy.Going to the farm, when I was just a tyke. Riding Grandpa’s tractor long into the night.Baking cookies, making bread, crocheting by the score. I made ropes much longer than the ceiling to the floor.Grazing through the garden without a weed in sight.Prayers that last forever that my Grandpa would provide.Grandma Grandpa. I feel so lucky to…

  • Connie's Corner

    Fifty Years

    This song was created to be sung at my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary which was a big deal. It was a party to be sure where all their family and friends gathered to congratulate them on this accomplishment. In today’s age, it is even greater than then.

  • Connie's Corner,  Vocal Solos

    Adolescence – Patience is the Key

    This song was written after a most trying morning with my teenage daughter. She had always been such a sweet, easy-to-live-with daughter. This morning was tumultuous to say the least. I was stunned! As I went for my walk that morning, this melody started developing and by the time I returned from my walk, the song was complete enough that I committed it to paper. FYI – This daughter is probably one of my best friends now and is living the life with her own children that I had many years ago.

  • Connie's Corner,  Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    Andrew Clair

    My brother’s good friend delivered a baby boy who had no hope for living more than a few hours on this earth. It just wasn’t meant to be. The family was able to be in the room and hold this perfect little baby until he just fell asleep in the mother’s arms. It was a bitter sweet experience for all of them – and a very painful one for the mother. She was having difficulty getting past the ache. My brother asked if I could write a song just for her about this baby. We spent time on the phone talking about the experience. She shared some very tender feelings…

  • Piano Solos

    Forest Walk

    Time marches on and all I can say about this is that it was written in the days I was discovering all the wonderful trails in Alpine. I would frequently come home from those walks with a melody in my head. Apparently, on this particular I took the time to capture it on paper.

  • Piano Solos

    Because of Love

    Someone offered to pay me to do something that I would only do because I love someone. That was the seedbed for this piece of music that tried hard to be a vocal solo. I liked playing it as a piano solo, and moved on.

  • Piano Solos

    Morning Walk

    When we moved to Alpine, I instantly fell in love with the trails and roads available for walks and hikes. One morning I was feeling particularly touched by it all and this melody came into focus with my pace. I had to commit it to paper.

  • Children's Songs,  Connie's Corner,  Father's Day

    A Dad Can Be a Kid’s Best Friend

    This song was inspired shortly after my second marriage to the most amazing man I’ve ever known.  He was the best friend my daughter had ever known.  He was always there for her and her biggest fan.  He had patience I had never seen before when it came to helping her with her homework.  This love and patience continued as he was this same, consistent Dad as we added four more children to our family.

  • Girls Camp,  Miscellaneous,  Vocal Solos,  Young Women

    By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

    This is another Camp Theme Song for the Orem, Utah ward. I loved serving in the Young Women program and camp was a highlight. The girls would learn these lighthearted songs and we had a great week using the theme to learn about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and who we were as daughters of our Heavenly Father. Those were great days. A young woman knows close to the Lord she must stay, by serving her neighbors; don’t forget to obey the guidelines as given by our prophets so dear. The fruits you will see them multiplying each year. Do men gather grapes of thorns? “No, no!” you say. Or figs…

  • Piano Arrangement

    Joseph Smith Medley

    I arranged this piano solo in 1991 amidst the chaotic atmosphere of moving from Orem to Alpine.  I’m not so certain what made me drawn to this at the time, but I found myself frequently at the piano playing parts of this arrangement (in between packing boxes) until it came together as a whole.

  • Death,  Miscellaneous,  Sacred,  Vocal Solos


    I was asked to write this song for a poem that was written in the hospital when John Goodwin’s mother-in-law was passing this earth life. It seemed so untimely to him, yet he realized the Plan is that we come to earth and our life lives like the seasons – we come, and then we go. If you pay too closely to the notes vs what is sung, you will notice the altering of notes. Don’t let that be an annoyance. Obviously, both versions work well. Playing the piano while singing (and recording) brings its own challenge.

  • Piano Solos

    Quiet Nights

    My husband did a lot of traveling at the time this song was written, and our children were young. Nights were always the hardest to get through and my piano was my companion on those nights. This would be a fun piano peace to use as a piano teacher for students. It’s not all that difficult but would be a great recital piece.

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos


    This song was a request by a Relief Society for me to perform a song on the topic of “Peace”.  There’s a possibility I misunderstood the request. But I wrote this in response to her request. She said it was over the top, which could mean a couple of things. I felt it turned out fine for the place where I was at the time. It was a good experience then, and has not been looked at since until 2021.

  • Connie's Corner,  Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    My Father’s Care

    I was a young mother with several little children and one troubled teenager. I was managing a household, caring for others and wasn’t feeling a whole lot of love at the time. I just wanted to vent. Venting was never my style, so a song was born. Read between the lines. This song tells a story.

  • Miscellaneous,  Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    I’ll Quietly Keep the Commandments

    This song has a story. We were newlyweds and struggling financially. We were making ends meet, but it wasn’t easy. I was teaching piano to supplement our income and there was little money left over for play. I did the unpardonable – I asked someone else how they managed so well and why we would be struggling. Her answer was flippant and it stung: “Oh, we just pay our tithing and Heavenly Father blesses us.” What? Did she think we weren’t paying our tithing? I let this get under my skin. By day’s end, the Lord had given me a blessing to calm my mind. It truthfully put me in…

  • Sacred,  Soprano Alto Duet

    Treasures in Heaven

    We had just zeroed in on the theme for our Girls’ Camp in 1989. I had a full day on the road the next day driving to my Aunt Faye Watkins’ funeral. It was an amazing funeral and sparked such creative juices. As I was driving home, the lyrics came to me as if from a fire hose. I pulled off the road several times to write. This is the result of that experience.

  • Father's Day

    Ev’ry Day of My Life

    1. Ev’ry day of my life, I’ll be thankful for lessons he taught,Thank the Lord for the battles he fought,As he guided me through life’s rough road.Ev’ry day of my life.Ev’ry day of my life, I will honestly try to live likeThe example he set through my life.I will cherish the humbleness shown,Ev’ry day of my life. Father, unselfish in all you do.Giving to others your whole life through.Seeking the joys of Celestial life,Ev’ry, ev’ry day of your life. 2. Ev’ry day of my life, the unselfishness he always showed,As he let others share in his glow,I am sure I will never quite know.Ev’ry day of my life.Ev’ry day of…

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    And She Shall Be Called Woman

    This song was a request from our Stake Relief Society for the annual RS Birthday Celebration. Sharon Reese and I collaborated on this one. She is a very talented lady and we created together for several years. LYRICS: And she shall be called woman,Gracious, beloved and divine.The works of her hands describe her.She’ll be known through all of time.Strength and honor are her clothing.Only kindness bespeaks her tongue.She lives a full life of service.And rejoices in time to come. And she shall be called womenFrom man in his image came she.Her life full of love and compassionhas its place in eternity.Has its place in eternity. The Lord will bring her…

  • Sacred,  Vocal Solos

    An Instrument of Love

    This song, written in 1984, was collaborated with my mom, Joan Waldron. She was always very good with prose and poetry. It began as a piano solo, which my husband really enjoyed. It became quite serviceable as a vocal though. The alto part was added sometime after its debut.

  • Sacred,  Soprano Alto Duet

    Sacred Task

    This was a piano solo first, and my husband loved it. When my Mom heard it, she heard a song and put the song words. It was sung in the valley where she lived quite a bit for a few years. I’m sorry I don’t have a recording. The electronic version is the next best thing.

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    Grandpa’s Eyes

    My Dad was a cute Grandpa. He really like the little people in his life and he doted on them while they were little. His eyes would twinkle when he was with the grandkids. Hence, this song was born. I can do no wrong in my Grandpa’s eyes.He thinks I am terrific and he always has a prize.He plays with me. He talks with me.He even takes long walks with me.My Grandpa is a very special guy.

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    Baptism Day

    This song was written and sung in 1980 for the baptism of my oldest daughter.  My parents had lots of grandchildren, and she was one of the oldest. It’s been heard a numerous baptisms through the years. 

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    A Parent’s Plea

    Lyrics: Help me, dear Father, to guide this child of mine; to teach him to love thee and strive for things divine. Please bless me with wisdom and love to see him through temptations and trials; bless his friends and teachers too. This little spirit has been sent to me from thy presence, now I ask of thee, guide me in teaching him the rules of life, that he might avoid eternal strife. I ask thee Father in humility to guide me in this task thou hast given me.

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    There Are No Guarantees

    This is a piano solo that has a story.  I was newly divorced and the Singles Representative in my ward.  I was talking with another sister in my ward that was going through a really tough divorce.  Hers was a covenant marriage – another way of saying for eternity.  Her husband had been unfaithful and left her.  I spent a full hour listening to her story and when I hung up, I was grieved.  How could that be?  I thought marriage in the temple was forever; eternal – certainly that had been the case with my parents and both my grandparents.  As I pondered this most heart-breaking story, I found…

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    They Have Not Heard

    The temptation to rewrite this is great, but I won’t at this time. This song was written by my Mom and me before my brother left for his mission in about 1978. My dad called it “Paul’s Call”. That didn’t fly with my brother, but the song has managed to survive the years. It is very old fashioned in musical content, but it was probably about the third song I ever wrote.

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    Look at the date inside the Copyright! This was the very beginning of my music writing experience. I know beyond any doubt that I was highly involved in music before coming to this earth. I had no experience writing music, and certainly no schooling. This was during the time I was divorced and had time to enjoy my piano. Once I realized writing music was a “one-note-at-a-time” effort, it became easier and easier. In those days, I had few tools. Actually, a pencil and manuscript paper were my tools. If I made a mistake, I used White-Out. Those were the days!  (Obviously, I have rewritten it with a computer since…

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    A Mother’s Reflection

    I almost hesitate to include the older songs I wrote. This is one of the first half dozen songs I created. Today, I see things I would change. I don’t necessarily want to take the time. It is a snapshot of my life as it is. I have learned a lot in 40 years. There is much, much more I could learn as far as writing music is concerned. This was a period in my life when I was very reflective. I was nearly panic stricken as I realized I was solely responsible for any gospel training this young daughter was going to get. She was so precious to me…

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    He Answers Prayer

    This was the first piece of music I ever wrote.  I was thirty years old and musical notation had not been part of my study growing up.  I had been away from studying music for thirteen years and the hand-written copy of this number looked like it.  I was in the process of a life-altering experience (divorce) and my daughter was headed to Disneyland with her dad.  Ouch!  However, would I fill the silence and the ache?  I had been asked by the Stake Relief Society to play an organ solo at a stake gathering.  The organ was a pipe organ and I had had very little experience (actually none)…