Piano Solos

There Are No Guarantees

This is a piano solo that has a story.  I was newly divorced and the Singles Representative in my ward.  I was talking with another sister in my ward that was going through a really tough divorce.  Hers was a covenant marriage – another way of saying for eternity.  Her husband had been unfaithful and left her.  I spent a full hour listening to her story and when I hung up, I was grieved.  How could that be?  I thought marriage in the temple was forever; eternal – certainly that had been the case with my parents and both my grandparents.  As I pondered this most heart-breaking story, I found myself at the piano and this song was the result of my grieving.  For years I tried to find words to go to it, and have since decided it makes a nice piano piece with the theme “there are no guarantees” threaded throughout it.  Of course, since then I have realized that there are guarantees.  The Lord will never leave us comfortless and as long as we remain faithful and true to our covenants, He will be there for us.