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A Mother’s Reflection

I almost hesitate to include the older songs I wrote. This is one of the first half dozen songs I created. Today, I see things I would change. I don’t necessarily want to take the time. It is a snapshot of my life as it is. I have learned a lot in 40 years. There is much, much more I could learn as far as writing music is concerned. This was a period in my life when I was very reflective. I was nearly panic stricken as I realized I was solely responsible for any gospel training this young daughter was going to get. She was so precious to me and I knew she was even more so to our Heavenly Father. There were many strikes against her the day she entered this world. This song was a culmination of many of the thoughts I was having at this time in my life when I was recreating my own life at the same time I was guiding her in her life.