Piano Solos


I loved riding my road bike. When our youngest left on his mission, I was free to pursue this love. I also happened to be enrolled in college music classes, so music was a big deal at the time. My desire was to be able to ride with my husband on some of his epic rides. One of those was climbing over the top of American Fork Canyon and down Provo Canyon. I can’t say I actually rode “with” Clyde, but we were on the same ride. He was a much stronger climber and would wait for me at the top before heading down the other side. I had time to play with the things in my head. I loved the canyon as I rode slowly past the campgrounds and the creeks. I was in shock the first time I did this ride and found myself rounding the curve at Timpanooke campground. I had been entertaining the same melody in my head for quite some time to ease the pain of the climb. When I got home, I sat down to the piano and committed it to paper.