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And She Shall Be Called Woman

This song was a request from our Stake Relief Society for the annual RS Birthday Celebration. Sharon Reese and I collaborated on this one. She is a very talented lady and we created together for several years.

LYRICS: And she shall be called woman,
Gracious, beloved and divine.
The works of her hands describe her.
She’ll be known through all of time.
Strength and honor are her clothing.
Only kindness bespeaks her tongue.
She lives a full life of service.And rejoices in time to come.

And she shall be called women
From man in his image came she.
Her life full of love and compassion
has its place in eternity.
Has its place in eternity.

The Lord will bring her comfort.
Faith and hope a crown that she wears.
Her flame of love keep burning bright.
Given shelter to human cares.
As a counselor, she speaks with wisdom.
As a mother, her love is sublime.
Her children raise up and call her blessed.
Her mission unique and divine.

And she shall be called woman.
Loved by her Father above.
Known by her deeds of charity.
She is filled with her Father’s love.
She is filled with her Father’s love.