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    Grandma, Grandpa

    When my parents, Verle and Joan Waldron, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, it was a party!  We celebrated in style. Nothing made Mom happier than having her kids perform music. That’s what happened that day—Lots of music! Lyrics: The mem’ries that I have of Grandma and Grandpa, are treasures that your money cannot buy.Going to the farm, when I was just a tyke. Riding Grandpa’s tractor long into the night.Baking cookies, making bread, crocheting by the score. I made ropes much longer than the ceiling to the floor.Grazing through the garden without a weed in sight.Prayers that last forever that my Grandpa would provide.Grandma Grandpa. I feel so lucky to…

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    Fifty Years

    This song was created to be sung at my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary which was a big deal. It was a party to be sure where all their family and friends gathered to congratulate them on this accomplishment. In today’s age, it is even greater than then.