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    Mother’s Legacy

    A tribute to a woman who was true to her faith from the minute she heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She never wavered. Her life wasn’t as easy as she’d have liked it to be, but she was a shining example to all of us of overcoming struggles that are true “thorns in the side”.  It was a testimony to me to watch her the last five years of her life and see just how drawn she was to helping others see the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly she had a friend in Jesus.

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    My Mother Wears a Hat

    I’ve wanted to write a Mother’s Day song for years. This would be fun for Primary children to perform on Mother’s Day. If you’re uncomfortable with “potty trainer” in church, it is easily changed to “entertainer”. We all know moms are potty trainers though. Moms tend to do it all and sometimes with one hand tied behind their back. This has been my experience as I watched my own mother, was a mother myself and watched in amazement at my own daughters in the thick of mothering. Of all the things they do, it is for naught if a child is not drawn to her mother while she’s busy doing.

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    A Parent’s Plea

    Lyrics: Help me, dear Father, to guide this child of mine; to teach him to love thee and strive for things divine. Please bless me with wisdom and love to see him through temptations and trials; bless his friends and teachers too. This little spirit has been sent to me from thy presence, now I ask of thee, guide me in teaching him the rules of life, that he might avoid eternal strife. I ask thee Father in humility to guide me in this task thou hast given me.

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    A Mother’s Reflection

    I almost hesitate to include the older songs I wrote. This is one of the first half dozen songs I created. Today, I see things I would change. I don’t necessarily want to take the time. It is a snapshot of my life as it is. I have learned a lot in 40 years. There is much, much more I could learn as far as writing music is concerned. This was a period in my life when I was very reflective. I was nearly panic stricken as I realized I was solely responsible for any gospel training this young daughter was going to get. She was so precious to me…