One Moment in Time

It was 2010 and there were still exciting times in our lives, i.e. grandbabies and marriages. When you have a “moment” it is etched indelibly on your mind and you know you’ll never forget it. This song was a result of a “moment” in my time. I took that moment to my piano. It came…


Grandma, Grandpa

When my parents, Verle and Joan Waldron, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, it was a party!  We celebrated in style. Nothing made Mom happier than having her kids perform music. That’s what happened that day—Lots of music! Lyrics: The mem’ries that I have of Grandma and Grandpa, are treasures that your money cannot buy.Going to…

Fifty Years

This song was created to be sung at my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary which was a big deal. It was a party to be sure where all their family and friends gathered to congratulate them on this accomplishment. In today’s age, it is even greater than then.

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Andrew Clair

My brother’s good friend delivered a baby boy who had no hope for living more than a few hours on this earth. It just wasn’t meant to be. The family was able to be in the room and hold this perfect little baby until he just fell asleep in the mother’s arms. It was a…

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My Father’s Care

I was a young mother with several little children and one troubled teenager. I was managing a household, caring for others and wasn’t feeling a whole lot of love at the time. I just wanted to vent. Venting was never my style, so a song was born. Read between the lines. This song tells a…

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A Parent’s Plea

Help me, dear Father, to guide this child of mine;
to teach him to love thee and strive for things divine.
Please bless me with wisdom and love to see him through
temptations and trials; bless his friends and teachers too.
This little spirit has been sent to me from thy presence, now I ask of thee,
guide me in teaching him the rules of life, that he might avoid eternal strife.
I ask thee Father in humility to guide me in this task thou hast given me.