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Hosannah to The Risen Lord!

Hosannah to the Risen Lord!

As I was studying the New Testament and Come Follow Me during the Easter Season, I became quite intrigued at things I had possibly skimmed over  in my previous study of this section of the New Testament.  I found myself pondering Mary at the tomb and the sorrow she might have been feeling. Although I felt I knew this scene in the history of Jesus, I did not remember the women who accompanied Mary to the tomb. That became the seedbed of this song. Like most of my music, it started out as a solo, but I could not ignore the fact I heard other voices. This was a stretch for me, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed as the words and music have been in my head 24/7 for two and a half months.

I would be amiss if I didn’t give credit for some serious tutoring from my brother, Tom Waldron. He helps me see details from a different angle as well as in learning Finale. Also, thanks to Marvin Payne, good friend and talented artist in his own right. He was so good to give me some of his time, recording expertise, and voice to take it to the next level. This recording could not have happened without his talents.  My next dream is to actually hear a choir sing it.