Sacred,  Vocal Solos

I Hear Him

This is the original version. Realizing it might not be the easiest for most people to sing, I rewrote it. This is for those who like to sing below Middle C.

This song just came in the night. It went through a few iterations before settling on the final version. Pres. Russell M. Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has challenged us to know how we hear Him. I can’t claim that this song is a comprehensive list, but it is a personal list of ways I’ve heard Him. Thanks to Angela Dugdale for recording this one. She has the voice of a songbird.


I hear Him in the mountains and I hear Him in the springs.
I hear His voice speak softly as I ponder sacred things.
I hear Him in the dim of dawn. I hear Him in the night.
I hear Him in my baby when I sing a lullaby.

I hear Him when I listen and obey.
The more I hear the more He speaks each day.
The world soon loses pull; it’s Him I want to know.
I hear Him when I search His word of prophets old and new.

I feel His Spirit speak to me and tell me it is true.
I hear His voice remind me in a very special way,
To be like Him and serve my friends and others every day.

How do I hear? What does He say?
Peace throughout my soul. He speaks to me in ways I know.

I hear Him when remembering His willingness to pay
The price he paid for me to have His Spirit day.
I hear His voice remind me that He is the only way.
To live like Him to live with Him again.

I hear Him in my daily walk with Him.