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As We Bow Our Heads – Hymn

I was blessed to attend a couple of college courses after our children “launched”. It was an exciting time for me, but life got busy again and it was short lived. This “hymn” is the result of an assignment in one of my music classes. Oh, how I loved that class! The assignment was to write a 4-part song using the “rules” we had been taught during the semester. I initially wrote it with the first verse. The instructor asked me where the lyrics came from. They are my own. When I walked away with my “A”, I added the other two verses. For curious minds who want to know: Yes, I have submitted it to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Music Department for consideration in the new hymnal.


1. As we bow our heads this sacred hour,
We turn to thee for strength and pow’r
To overcome our weakness, Lord, we pray,
Repent and live more like thee each new day.
As we partake this bread and water clear,
Help us remember promises so dear.
That we will cherish the gift of thy dear Son,
The Prince of Life; The Holy One.

2. We have faith that through thy blood our sins
Will be forgiv’n and once again
We can return and in thy presence dwell.
This truth brings joy that lips and tongue can’t tell.
As we renew our promises to thee,
Forgive our sins and hear our humble pleas,
For strength to conquer the battles waged within
And through Thy Son, be freed from sin.

3. In Thy blood our souls have been redeemed
Thru sacrifice and love supreme.
Now in our lives may what we do and say
Reflect the love so freely giv’n that day.
Thru acts of service to our fellow men
And thoughts more fully turned to thee in heav’n
Help us to witness of thee and of thy love,
From Christ our Lord, who dwells above.