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I Want To Be Like JesusUncategorized2023/10/272023-10-27 11:38:36
Hosannah to The Risen Lord!Easter, Sacred, SATB2023/06/232023-06-23 20:21:50
I Believe in MiraclesUncategorized2022/10/122022-10-12 19:22:58
GratitudeMood Music, Piano Solos, Uncategorized2022/08/012022-08-01 20:49:01
Reflection IIPiano Solos2022/02/052022-02-05 09:31:23
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenChristmas, Piano Solos2022/01/212022-01-21 15:31:20
He LivesSacred, Vocal Solos2021/11/132021-11-13 19:11:11
Dancing On the WaterPiano Solos, Recital2021/10/282021-10-28 12:04:48
I Know That My Redeemer LivesHymn Arrangement, Piano Arrangement, Piano Solos, Sacred2021/10/202021-10-20 16:27:50
She PraysSacred, Vocal Solos2021/09/012021-09-01 15:23:22
Quarantine Haunt 2020Piano Solos2021/08/282021-08-28 20:53:35
I Hear Him (Lower VoiceSacred, Vocal Solos2021/08/142021-08-14 13:22:31
Mother’s LegacyConnie's Corner, Mother's Day, Sacred, Vocal Solos2021/05/132021-05-13 15:25:05
Follow HimSacred, Vocal Solos2021/04/152021-04-15 21:15:48
I Hear HimSacred, Vocal Solos2021/03/152021-03-15 19:58:37
Beautiful Zion – Piano SoloPiano Arrangement, Piano Solos, Sacred2021/03/132021-03-13 16:08:05
Beautiful ZionPiano Arrangement, Sacred, Strings2021/03/132021-03-13 15:58:19
Restoration MedleyHymn Arrangement, Piano Arrangement, Sacred2021/02/132021-02-13 20:34:56
Our Savior’s LoveHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2020/09/192020-09-19 21:02:25
Be Still My SoulSacred, Vocal Solos2020/06/152020-06-15 12:00:00
IsolationPiano Solos2020/06/032020-06-03 17:11:04
Words Won’t ComeSacred, Vocal Solos2020/05/132020-05-13 16:45:41
Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd – SATBHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2019/08/132019-08-13 19:35:55
I Stand All AmazedHymn Arrangement, Organ, Sacred, Vocal Solos2019/03/042019-03-04 14:32:04
Thy Will, O Lord, Be DoneHymn Arrangement, SATB2017/11/282017-11-28 22:48:30
Behold the Great Redeemer Die – SATBHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2017/08/132017-08-13 18:47:00
Where Can I Turn for Peace?Hymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2016/09/242016-09-24 18:23:21
Prayer of ThanksgivingHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2016/09/192016-09-19 21:57:57
How Great the Wisdom and the LoveHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2016/08/302016-08-30 22:20:59
Jesus, The Very Thought of TheeHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2015/09/042015-09-04 21:54:56
Come, Ye Thankful PeopleHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2015/09/032015-09-03 16:15:17
Secret PrayerHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2015/08/162015-08-16 20:39:25
Stay By the TreeSacred, Vocal Solos2015/05/272015-05-27 10:00:39
My Mother Wears a HatChildren's Songs, Mother's Day2015/04/152015-04-15 20:06:11
A Tiny Baby LayChristmas, Sacred, Vocal Solos2014/11/012014-11-01 20:19:34
I Heard the Bells on Christmas DayChristmas, Hymn Arrangement, Organ, Sacred, SATB2014/09/172014-09-17 22:22:36
I Feel His LoveSacred, Vocal Solos2014/08/142014-08-14 19:42:57
SpinningPiano Solos2011/10/152011-10-15 21:48:24
As I Search the Holy ScripturesPiano Solos2011/08/272011-08-27 21:10:41
Abide With Me, ‘Tis EventideHymn Arrangement, Piano Arrangement, Sacred2010/10/152010-10-15 22:01:20
One Moment in TimeConnie's Corner, Piano Solos2010/08/162010-08-16 15:49:21
Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide – SATBHymn Arrangement, Sacred, SATB2010/07/132010-07-13 16:19:15
WaltzPiano Solos2010/01/152010-01-15 20:33:18
Happy Song in 6/8 TimePiano Solos2009/11/032009-11-03 16:48:27
Better Part of MePiano Solos2009/07/222009-07-22 18:08:15
Beautiful Summer DayPiano Solos2009/06/272009-06-27 21:31:57
TimpanookePiano Solos2009/05/092009-05-09 20:52:04
BelieveMiscellaneous, Vocal Solos2008/09/082008-09-08 20:47:58
In Thy Holy NameOriginal Hymn, Sacred2007/09/042007-09-04 20:29:03
Take it to the GroveSacred, Vocal Solos2007/08/272007-08-27 20:22:09
Stand as a Witness of GodMiscellaneous, Missionary, Vocal Solos2006/10/182006-10-18 16:20:31
As We Bow Our Heads – HymnOriginal Hymn, Sacred, SATB2006/02/132006-02-13 16:40:09
We Are the VisionVocal Solos2005/10/152005-10-15 20:42:57
Precious SaviorOrgan2002/08/082002-08-08 21:06:54
My FatherChildren's Songs, Connie's Corner, Father's Day, Vocal Solos2001/06/032001-06-03 19:17:00
Candle Light; Christmas NightChildren's Songs, Christmas, Sacred, Vocal Solos1997/10/141997-10-14 15:08:20
Grandma, GrandpaConnie's Corner, Miscellaneous1996/07/121996-07-12 20:03:55
Fifty YearsConnie's Corner1996/07/121996-07-12 15:00:39
Hang Onto Your ValuesGirls Camp, Vocal Solos1994/09/091994-09-09 22:02:20
Adolescence – Patience is the KeyConnie's Corner, Vocal Solos1994/03/061994-03-06 15:10:40
Our Christmas TreeChildren's Songs, Christmas, Vocal Solos1992/11/151992-11-15 21:19:51
Twenty-Four Hours Birthday SongBirthday, Miscellaneous1992/10/171992-10-17 17:18:49
Andrew ClairConnie's Corner, Sacred, Vocal Solos1992/09/081992-09-08 19:49:37
Forest WalkPiano Solos1992/09/031992-09-03 16:37:14
Because of LovePiano Solos1992/08/161992-08-16 17:17:40
Morning WalkPiano Solos1992/05/161992-05-16 19:00:44
A Dad Can Be a Kid’s Best FriendChildren's Songs, Connie's Corner, Father's Day1992/05/011992-05-01 18:53:28
By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know ThemGirls Camp, Miscellaneous, Vocal Solos, Young Women1992/01/201992-01-20 12:41:24
Joseph Smith MedleyPiano Arrangement1991/10/271991-10-27 21:54:50
CirclesDeath, Miscellaneous, Sacred, Vocal Solos1991/10/041991-10-04 21:32:13
Quiet NightsPiano Solos1991/08/301991-08-30 19:31:36
Prayer MedleyHymn Arrangement, Piano Arrangement, Piano Solos, Sacred1990/08/271990-08-27 21:01:44
GrandmaChildren's Songs, Connie's Corner, Mother's Day, Vocal Solos1990/08/141990-08-14 15:41:21
PeaceSacred, Vocal Solos1990/05/181990-05-18 18:44:28
My Father’s CareConnie's Corner, Sacred, Vocal Solos1989/09/121989-09-12 19:38:24
I’ll Quietly Keep the CommandmentsMiscellaneous, Sacred, Vocal Solos1988/09/111988-09-11 20:05:28
I Want to Serve a MissionChildren's Songs, Vocal Solos1988/09/031988-09-03 17:07:49
Treasures in HeavenSacred, Soprano Alto Duet1988/07/171988-07-17 18:20:28
Ev’ry Day of My LifeFather's Day1987/09/081987-09-08 21:40:49
And She Shall Be Called WomanSacred, Vocal Solos1985/08/131985-08-13 21:34:52
An Instrument of LoveSacred, Vocal Solos1984/08/131984-08-13 21:15:47
Sacred TaskSacred, Soprano Alto Duet1982/11/021982-11-02 21:49:57
Grandpa’s EyesChildren's Songs, Connie's Corner, Father's Day, Vocal Solos1982/09/091982-09-09 21:52:23
Happy, Healthy SpiritsChildren's Songs, Miscellaneous, Vocal Solos1980/09/091980-09-09 22:09:54
Baptism DayChildren's Songs, Sacred1980/09/081980-09-08 20:00:17
A Parent’s PleaConnie's Corner, Mother's Day, Vocal Solos1979/09/031979-09-03 15:57:10
Love at Home MedleyHymn Arrangement, Piano Solos1979/08/161979-08-16 18:39:31
There Are No GuaranteesPiano Solos1979/08/111979-08-11 13:16:16
They Have Not HeardMissionary, Vocal Solos1978/10/171978-10-17 17:54:38
PreludePiano Solos1978/08/281978-08-28 13:16:54
A Mother’s ReflectionMother's Day, Sacred, Vocal Solos1978/05/281978-05-28 13:17:10
He Answers PrayerSacred, Vocal Solos1978/03/141978-03-14 19:33:25