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    This song was collaboration with someone I’ve never met – Steve Garner. Jill Jasperson was our common friend and gave me several poems he had written, with his permission to put them to music, if I felt so inclined. This was a really fun one. I wrote the second verse and it is something I know is probably a sore spot to some. However, I do believe our thoughts can lift us up; they can bring us down.

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    Grandma, Grandpa

    When my parents, Verle and Joan Waldron, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, it was a party!  We celebrated in style. Nothing made Mom happier than having her kids perform music. That’s what happened that day—Lots of music! Lyrics: The mem’ries that I have of Grandma and Grandpa, are treasures that your money cannot buy.Going to the farm, when I was just a tyke. Riding Grandpa’s tractor long into the night.Baking cookies, making bread, crocheting by the score. I made ropes much longer than the ceiling to the floor.Grazing through the garden without a weed in sight.Prayers that last forever that my Grandpa would provide.Grandma Grandpa. I feel so lucky to…

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    By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

    This is another Camp Theme Song for the Orem, Utah ward. I loved serving in the Young Women program and camp was a highlight. The girls would learn these lighthearted songs and we had a great week using the theme to learn about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and who we were as daughters of our Heavenly Father. Those were great days. A young woman knows close to the Lord she must stay, by serving her neighbors; don’t forget to obey the guidelines as given by our prophets so dear. The fruits you will see them multiplying each year. Do men gather grapes of thorns? “No, no!” you say. Or figs…

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    I was asked to write this song for a poem that was written in the hospital when John Goodwin’s mother-in-law was passing this earth life. It seemed so untimely to him, yet he realized the Plan is that we come to earth and our life lives like the seasons – we come, and then we go. If you pay too closely to the notes vs what is sung, you will notice the altering of notes. Don’t let that be an annoyance. Obviously, both versions work well. Playing the piano while singing (and recording) brings its own challenge.

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    I’ll Quietly Keep the Commandments

    This song has a story. We were newlyweds and struggling financially. We were making ends meet, but it wasn’t easy. I was teaching piano to supplement our income and there was little money left over for play. I did the unpardonable – I asked someone else how they managed so well and why we would be struggling. Her answer was flippant and it stung: “Oh, we just pay our tithing and Heavenly Father blesses us.” What? Did she think we weren’t paying our tithing? I let this get under my skin. By day’s end, the Lord had given me a blessing to calm my mind. It truthfully put me in…