Sacred,  Vocal Solos

Words Won’t Come

By the time this song was finished, I knew the Lord wanted me to write it. I thought I knew what I was writing, but it actually turned out to be the road from “lost” to being “found” – really, a conversion experience. Thanks to Angela Dugdale for helping me with the vocal.

Words won’t come. My heart is breaking.
Can’t hold back the tears. I’m aching.
Dreams are shattered. Nothing matters.
Hope seems distant; nonexistent.
Tortured with the thoughts within.
Bless me with the will to win
the battles raging deep within my soul.
Then I remember lessons long ago.
Christ is there for ev’ry soul who calls Him.
Reaching out I take His hand.
He’s there for me. He understands.
I will have compassion for my neighbor, charity and love.
I will be an instrument in His hands, even God’s.
I will see myself as I know I am seen by Thee.
Let my hands be thy hands, through eternity.