Sacred,  Vocal Solos

He Lives

This song came one night as I was “playing with” I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I wanted to arrange my own version of it, but this is what happened instead. It’s simple, but it is my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ.


He lives! I know my Savior lives!

Oh, the peace and joy this sentence gives.

He lives to guide me with His love,

As He advocates for me above.

I know He hears and answers prayer.

This is truth: I know of His kind care.

He lives to grant me rich supply

As He cares for me beneath his watchful eye.

I know His love can cleanse from sin,

If I invite Him in.

He meets me in my darkest hour.

I know for I have felt His power.

He is my rock! He is my shield.

I will trust in Him. His song I’ll wield.

He marks the path and shows the way,

Urging me to follow and obey.

He lives! Redeemer of my soul.

His sacrifice allows me to be whole.

His life on earth showed me the way

That thru my faith I’ll live with Him one day.

He lives, and while He lives I’ll sing

All my days, I’ll give to Him and bring

His love to those who’ve lost their way,

That they’ll want to live with Him again someday.