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I’ll Quietly Keep the Commandments

This song has a story. We were newlyweds and struggling financially. We were making ends meet, but it wasn’t easy. I was teaching piano to supplement our income and there was little money left over for play. I did the unpardonable – I asked someone else how they managed so well and why we would be struggling. Her answer was flippant and it stung: “Oh, we just pay our tithing and Heavenly Father blesses us.” What? Did she think we weren’t paying our tithing? I let this get under my skin. By day’s end, the Lord had given me a blessing to calm my mind. It truthfully put me in my place and I ended the day feeling His love. Music has been the “salve” for more than a few bumps in my journey.

1. I’ll quietly keep the commandments; Not boast when successes I make.
The Lord knows my heart-felt intentions. He gives and I so freely take.
Please take my hand when I stumble. I’m nothing when Thou art not near.
Help me be thankful. Help me be humble. Bless me with faith not to fear.
2. I’ll quietly keep the commandments; teach others by my quiet deeds.
I’ll seek to be close to my Savior. With Him I have no wants; no needs.
3. I’ll quietly keep the commandments. Let eternal pursuits be my guide.
Humility comes through true service. In serving, He’s right by my side.