About Me

Connie Stauffer

I was raised in Thatcher, Utah, a small town west of Tremonton on the north end of the state. I grew up on a farm and longed for a sidewalk more than just about anything. Why? I’m not certain. I currently live in Alpine, Utah with my husband. We have raised four daughters and one son who continue to awe us with their accomplishments and the roads they’re traveling in life. It is our Grandchildren (12) that light up our days anymore. They are fascinating to watch as they grow up and spread their wings.

Home is where I enjoy being the most. If I leave, it is usually for something very important. To relax or to waste a few minutes, I gravitate to my piano. My favorite thing to do is to turn out the lights when I’m alone and play to my heart’s content. This is one way I find ideas for music. Another place where I’ve gotten more than a few ideas is when I’ve been exercising, whether it’s walking the trails of Alpine, or riding my road bike. I think about my life and the issues of the day while walking, and those moments frequently end with music rattling through my head.

I have a husband, five children and twelve grandchildren – all of whom are the light of my life. I’d rather be with any one of them than just about anything. However, I do enjoy my solitude, which is probably why the hobby of writing music has been so appealing to me.

My mother was my music teacher until she said I had outgrown her. I then studied with a wonderful lady who helped shape me. Oh how I would love to have a sit-down visit with her. She probably knows me better than anyone, as she was there as I was in the process of becoming. I also owe her a big apology. I prepared numerous pieces for recitals through the years. I never told my parents; and we never showed. How rude! As a piano teacher, I have thought of this many times.

I’ve been blessed with a husband who is the wind beneath my wings. He’s made every possible sacrifice to encourage my music – whether just enjoying playing or writing. Were it not for his support, there is no way I could take it to the level where I can share it.

The music on this site is music from my heart over the past 42+ years. It has been my solace through hard times and my joy through the good times. Much of it was “unsolicited” by me; it just came. Some of it has come through assignments or good people trusting me with their lyrics. All of it has been a miracle in my own eyes, as it was not something for which I was trained. My fingers somehow knew how to produce what was rattling through my head and by brute force it has found its way to paper. I hope you will enjoy it and let me know how you are using it.

A note to those perusing this site: There are four parts to every piece of music: 1) History of the song, 2) Genre, 3) Lyrics, if there are any, and 4) Audio. If the Genre is empty, that particular song still needs some work and I suggest you move on.

Some more info about who I am…

I never was taught music notation; this came through the school of hard knocks and a short stint in a college classroom many years after much of my music had been written.

At the age of 28 I had my first experience with manuscript paper. My first real song was written after what I consider to be a real miracle in my life. My daughter was going to Disneyland with her Dad for a long weekend. I was crushed and concerned how I would occupy my time. Since I had been asked to play an organ solo at a Relief Society Birthday Celebration, I decided to go to the church after work. After a frustrating two hours of not being able to make the organ sound presentable and deciding that it must be a very poor organ, I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help me decide what to do. My options were to play a piano solo or play an organ solo poorly, which was not acceptable to me. I no sooner said “amen” and the door to the back of the chapel opened. A maintenance man who frequents this church had been listening to me practice and could not figure out who was playing. He said he was familiar with the style of all the organists in the stake and he couldn’t figure out who was making the music. I asked him if he knew who is supposed to service this organ because it just sounded horrible. (I have since learned to reserve judgment from this experience.) He said he had installed it and maintains it. You have got to be kidding! He gave me a quick 20-minute tutorial on the organ and left. I never saw him again. From that day forward, I was off and running. It was the most beautiful-sounding instrument I had ever played. Would you not put this in the category of miracle? Well, I did.

On my way home a melody started to develop in my mind. This wasn’t particularly new to me, but words coming with it were. When I returned home, I created my own manuscript paper with ruler and pencil and began writing. Yes, this was laborious, but certainly took care of my concerns for the weekend alone. I’ve since looked at that paper and marveled at the second miracle I experienced that weekend – my first composition! The rest is what we call history. By the way, that piece is “He Answers Prayer”.