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    Reflection II

    This started out so simple. By the time I finished it, I was quite pleased. I almost chose to change the name because when I reflect, there isn’t as much action. But I stuck with the name. If it gets a little busy for your hands to keep up, drop some notes. It’s easily done. If the octaves are an issue, I apologize. It sounds best using full octaves.

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    Restoration Medley

    I know this is long and probably of interest to nobody but myself. I was given the opportunity to help with a video. The request was for restoration hymns to be the background. I said it would come quickly or not at all. For about two weeks I felt like I was being hit with a fire hose of ideas. I LOVED this project! We don’t know where it will lead, but I had a great time creating it. Each hymn can be extracted to be played alone, or any three in succession with little adaptation.

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    Is there anyone who was not somehow changed from Covid? It did not come knocking at our door, but I was definitely behind that door doing things I’d struggled to find time to do before Covid. This melody haunted me for a few days and I finally got it to paper. What else could it be called? “Isolation” seemed to be very fitting.

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    Better Part of Me

    For years I have wanted to write a love song that expressed how I feel about my eternal companion who has always been like a knight in shining armor to me. He rescues me on a daily basis and is the most patient, compassionate and friendly person I’ve ever known. Yet, this masterpiece of a song I dream of writing eludes me. I found this “gem” sitting in my files. Apparently, I tried my hand at a love song in 2009. It’s been sitting on my computer all this time. I still hear the words repeated “Better Part of Me” throughout the song. Clyde really is the better part of…

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    Beautiful Summer Day

    This had the beginnings of being named “Bless Me with Faith Not to Fear”. Because lyrics just wouldn’t come, it became a Beautiful Summer Day. I’ve mentioned it before, but the hills where I walk bring me inspiration nearly every time I’m alone in them. Not all ideas are good, but this one stuck. Fast forward to 2021 and I received an amazing email from someone I didn’t know. He found this in my Website before it disappeared, so it’s been around a while. He played it in his congregation last week, complete with a video presentation of beautiful summer day images. He definitely made my summer day that day!

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    Forest Walk

    Time marches on and all I can say about this is that it was written in the days I was discovering all the wonderful trails in Alpine. I would frequently come home from those walks with a melody in my head. Apparently, on this particular I took the time to capture it on paper.

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    Because of Love

    Someone offered to pay me to do something that I would only do because I love someone. That was the seedbed for this piece of music that tried hard to be a vocal solo. I liked playing it as a piano solo, and moved on.

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    Morning Walk

    When we moved to Alpine, I instantly fell in love with the trails and roads available for walks and hikes. One morning I was feeling particularly touched by it all and this melody came into focus with my pace. I had to commit it to paper.

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    Quiet Nights

    My husband did a lot of traveling at the time this song was written, and our children were young. Nights were always the hardest to get through and my piano was my companion on those nights. This would be a fun piano peace to use as a piano teacher for students. It’s not all that difficult but would be a great recital piece.

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    Look at the date inside the Copyright! This was the very beginning of my music writing experience. I know beyond any doubt that I was highly involved in music before coming to this earth. I had no experience writing music, and certainly no schooling. This was during the time I was divorced and had time to enjoy my piano. Once I realized writing music was a “one-note-at-a-time” effort, it became easier and easier. In those days, I had few tools. Actually, a pencil and manuscript paper were my tools. If I made a mistake, I used White-Out. Those were the days!  (Obviously, I have rewritten it with a computer since…